There are a range of epithets that can be – and are – applied to the music of Tulegur. ‘Mongolian grunge’ is one; ‘nomad rock’ is another. What both descriptions reveal is that the music of this duo isn’t a hermetically sealed artistic expression, a culturally pure art form untouched by outside influence. Yes, there’s plenty of evidence of that ever-fascinating Mongolian throat singing, but it’s set against a musical backdrop very familiar to a Western fan of unplugged rock music. Based around guitarist/singer Tulegur Gangzi, the duo format is a new departure for the young man. After years performing as a solo artist, he recently teamed up with percussionist (and occasional second guitarist) Zongcan. Doubling the numbers has raised Tulegur’s music to new heights, the new addition helping to create propulsive soundscapes that enthral and engage even more than before.The last album came out in 2016 and is called "The River".