N3rdistan is a Franco-Moroccan band that rethinks and mixes various dimensions, times, cultures, styles and instruments. With the voice of the disconcerting and mesmerizing Walead Ben, old poets such as Mahmoud Darwich, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Ahmad Matar or Nizar Qabbani are sung, but also poems of their own authorship in an Arabic dialect spoken today in Morocco - the "Darija". The African kora and Peul flute give more character to the deep and intimate melodies of the N3rdistan. From hip-hop, rap, electro-rock to the more traditional Arabic melodies, all of this is felt in the journey that is every N3rdistan theme. Of disruptive intensity and power, N3rdistan performances have been praised and referenced by the press wherever they go. Their debut EP is stirring up new music and shows us what could be a revolutionary album.

N3RDISTAN - Morocco/France