This group is composed by musicians Thiago França (saxophone), Kiko Dinucci (guitar and voice) and Juçara Marçal (vocals). The band released their first album "Metá Metá" in 2011 followed by "MetaL MetaL" in 2012. They were quickly considered a revolution in the São Paulo underground scene and one of the reference bands in the new Brazilian music. After national and international tours, Metá Metá reunited again to record "MM3", the third album of the band that came out in 2016. This album, very influenced by the sociopolitical context of Brazil in recent years, qualitatively reached the São Paulo underground scene, exploring double bond with Afro-Brazilian culture and including an original sound in the current music that is made in this big metropolis. Tony Allen considers them the inventors of the new Brazilian music. The trio works with the diversity of musical genres in Brazil, using simple and crude arrangements that emphasize the melodic elements and signs of African-influenced music from all around the world, exploring silence and counterpoint, avoiding conventional ideas, either in the aesthetic characteristics or in the alternative way of sharing their art.

METÁ METÁ - Brazil