Emicida is Leandro Roque de Oliveira, a Brazilian rapper and producer. His stage name comes from the junction of "MC" with "homicidal" as he became known for his legendary performances in improvisational battles. Emicida was born in the middle of the 80's and grew up in the suburbs of northern São Paulo, where he began his relationship with hip-hop. First come the improvisational battles, where he begins to become famous, until his first mixtapes recorded in a studio built by him and his friends. From the suburbs of São Paulo to the world, Emicida records his first work "Pra quem já Mordeu um Cachorro por Comida, até que eu Cheguei Longe…”[For someone who’s bitten a Dog for Food, I did alright…”] with the independent label Laboratório Fantasma and enters the hip hop scene. With strongly politicized lyrics and talking about the harsh reality of suburban life from the very beginning, Emicida moves onto something different with this second and last album. "Sobre Crianças, Quadris, Pesadelos e Lições de Casa..." [“Of Children, Hips, Nightmares and Homework…”] is an encounter between Emicida and Africa and its roots, where several artists from countries such as Angola and Cape Verde participate, but also Brazilians such as Caetano Veloso and Vanessa da Mata. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of "best urban music album".

EMICIDA - Brazil