Since 2012, Fabián Morales, guitarist and producer has been giving shape to the concept that in 2014 materialized with Adela Espitia - voice and percussion - and Sandro Londoño - drums and percussion. Bulldozer was born with its own identity and with a very particular sound. Artists like Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Parliament Funckadelic, James Brown, Diblo Dibala and others, are also part of their influences. "Cannibal dancer" is the first EP, full of energetic songs, with strong influence of the Congolese soukous, main root of the Colombian champeta but without forgetting funk, traditional Colombian rhythms, electronic sounds and synthesizers. This first work that was heard by Colombia, Europe and the United States preceded the participation of Bulldozer in the last record work of well-known German producer and DJ Daniel Haaksman, released in early 2016 by Man Recordings "African Fabrics".

BULLDOZER - Colombia