Bachar Mar-Khalifé was born in Lebanon, but at the age of six came to Paris with his family to escape the war. As the son of a singer well known in Lebanon, Marcel Khalife, he makes an early contact with music and, just like his brother, gets into the Paris Conservatory. His talent is quickly noticed, and he ends up winning several prizes for his piano performances. Bachar also has, due to influences of his father, a interest in traditional percussion. He has just finished editing his first album "Oil Slick", almost ten years after starting its composition. In his career he has played with renowned masters like Lorin Maazel, James Gaffigan and with the National Orchestra of France and Intercontemporain Ensemble. In his music you can hear an influence of a variety of styles ranging from jazz, to hip-hop, to world music. His contribution to the soundtracks of several films, for which he won awards at festivals such as the Berlin Festival or the FESPACO (Ouagadougou Pan-African Film and Television Festival), is also worthy of mention.